Bishop’s Message 主教訊息

To the Richmond Church Plant:
Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd (Richmond)

May 2, 2010

Dear Friends in Christ:

“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to
win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Phil.3:13-14 NIV
Paul encourages Philippian believers to set sight on what is before them, and not to linger in the
past. No matter what the past was – be it glorious moments or suffering days, experiences to take
pride in or times of great sadness, everyone must look ahead. We must take Christ’s calling as
our only goal and move forward in persistence. At the end we will receive the prize promised by

Chinese culture is characterized by “looking back” – a virtue of not forgetting our root in the past.
However, when this virtue of remembering the past becomes a lingering in the past, worse still a
fixation in the self ego, it may turn into an inflated pride (of past glories) or unresolved bitterness
(of past hurts). Either one mode is completely unhealthy. Therefore, Paul exhorts himself to
forget what is behind, straining toward what is ahead, and press on toward the goal. A healthy
life will shine forth a healthy testimony, which will glorify God and edify people.

“The Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd” is an important name. You have
corporately chosen your name, “The Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd
(Richmond),” after soul-searching considerations and earnest prayers. Good Shepherd,
Vancouver, has a very long history, birthed from three Chinese missions in British Columbia,
and flourished as the only surviving missionary community. (The three Chinese missions were
Good Hope Mission, Good Samaritan Mission and Good Shepherd Mission.) This community
was the early Church of the Good Shepherd, an example of God’s grace over pastoral ministry
among the Chinese people in Canada.

Today, the Church of the Good Shepherd, Vancouver, celebrated her 120th anniversary in
thanksgiving to God for his saving grace and protection over Chinese Canadians, setting a
landmark for gospel ministry among the Chinese in Canada. When ANiC plants the third Chinese
church in Richmond, named “The Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd (Richmond),”
the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in Vancouver resolved to be their sponsoring church.
Therefore, you, the Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd (Richmond), have to
continue along the path of our predecessors: participate in the Richmond community, witness to
the good news of Christ, and live out the gospel of God’s grace, salvation and peace in the

May God bless you and guide you in your mission endeavour for his Kingdom.

The Rt. Rev. Stephen Leung
Bishop (Multicultural Ministry)
Anglican Network in Canada


致列治文植堂 : 列治文聖公會牧愛堂





賞。」 腓三:13-14 《和合本聖經》














Good Hope Mission,Good Samaritan Mission 及Good Shepherd Mission。) 這僅存的群體





為列治文聖公會牧愛堂,溫哥華聖公會牧愛堂願意承當為新堂的 sponsoring church。






加拿大聖公會聯盟主教 (多元文化)



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